Welcome to the Forensic Store.
Forensic Store’s web store front was opened by the High Tech Crime Institute LLC of Missouri in 2003. The purpose was to provide a commercial retail website that would provide the highest quality digital forensic products to High Tech Crime Institutes law enforcement students.

Forensic Store operated successfully through 2010 as a division of the High Tech Crime Institute. Because of its success Forensic Store was moved out from the High Tech Crime Institute in 2011 and organized as its own company. This made the Forensic Store a Florida based corporation with Amanda Pearson as the CEO. This change allows Forensic Store to not only service a student base but to provide forensic tools to the entire community.

Forensic Store has sold products all over the world and has been recognized as a leader in providing the latest up and coming forensic technologies. Forensic Store believes that its success is based on its customer’s confidence and satisfaction with the products provided and therefore has a stringent quality assurance process in place for every product we sell.

“It is my commitment to you that we will provide the absolute best service before, during, and after the sale of any product”
Amanda Pearson
CEO, Forensic Store Inc.