RIFF JTAG is a unique HTC, LG, Samsung, ZTE, Hauwei mobile phones and modems servicing box.



RIFF BOX JTAG firmware/hardware supports communication with single or multichained TAP controllers. All currently supported cores, according to IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port standard, put 0b1 data into IR register upon CAPTURE state. Thus it makes possible automatic detection of IR register size of each TAP present on the JTAG chain. In this case IR ‘pre-’ and ‘post-’ stuffing bit sizes are not required to be specified by user and are determined automatically. All is needed is a TAP controller position number of the device user is trying to connect to.

RIFF JTAG Box Outstanding Features:

  • ARM7/ARM9/ARM11 PXA3xx, PXA270, Cortex-A8, OMAP850, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A5 Dual/Quad cores supported
  • Multiple devices on JTAG chain supported, TAP number selection available
  • Any custom voltage level selection within the range of ~1.4v to 3.3v
  • TCK/Adaptive clocking selection available
  • Halt core (NRST is not changed)
  • Reset core (NRST is applied before halt)
  • Run core
  • Direct memory read/write (by 8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words)
  • Access to ARM core control registers (coprocessor 15)
  • Program code breakpoints
  • Custom scripting and DCC loader supported (compatible with Trace32 scripts)
  • Custom GDB server available
  • I/O pins detection


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